The center point




 Left(right) side


 Learner grade


 Upper(lower) side

 Advanced grade


 Upper left(right) corner


 The opening game


 Lower left(right) corner


 The middle game




 The end game
















 4-4 point, star-point, Handicap point



 공제, 덤



False eye 




 dansoo, atari






 small point, 3-4 point


 Useless, neutral point


 high point, 4-5 point


 Repetitive capture, pae, ko


 Knight's move




 Large knight's move


 The proper move


 a capping move

 날일자 굳힘

 Knight's enclosure


 joseki, jungseuk


 The shape of the stones



 나쁜 맛

 bad taste 

 비마끝내기(눈목자 끝내기)

 Monkey jump


 cross cut


 Carpenter's square

 네칸 벌림

 four point extension


 skillfulness style point


 under thestones


 the shape

 날일자 벌림

 knight's move extension


 avalanche jungseuk(joseki)

 날일자 연결

 knight's move connection


 throw in





 밑 젖힘

 hane underneath


 to connect underneath

 바깥 젖힘

 outer hane


 corner enclosure

 보태 주는 수

 botched invasion

 두칸 벌림

 two point extension


 sacrifice stone

 세칸 높은(낮은)벌림

 Three point high(low) extension

 꽁수 바둑

 false or vulgar style


 2-step pincer

 꽃놀이 패

 flower viewing ko

 두칸 높은 협공

 2-step high pincer


 early victory by a large game

 세칸 높은(낮은) 협공

 Three-step high(low) pincer

 비긴 바둑

 drawn game

 가벼운 모양

 quick deverlopment, light shape


 wasted move

 모걸이(어깨 걸침)

 shoulder hit


 a trap,


 exchange of territories

 함정수에 걸림

 fall into a trap


 upper hand




 defensive play





 흉내 바둑

 mirror go


 empty triangle


 blocking move

 빈삼각의 묘수

 a good empty triangle

 들여다 봄

 peering move


 three point interval


 capturing race, semeai, the race to capture


 double osae


 Shortage of liberties


 squeeze play


 strong hand



 호선으로 두다

 play on even


 ladder play


 handicap game


 ladder breaker

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